: 305050-062 : 2007
: 杰森
: Hawk
: Hawk
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This SB Dunk High is called the Jason Voorhees, and it’s inspired by Jason, which is the main character of the movie Friday the 13th. Jason appears in more than 11 movies and has the Highest average body count as a single character. The red upper leather on the shoes is inspired by Jason’s bloody face, and white part is inspired by the white hockey mask he used to wear. The red on the toe box will gradually fade AFter wearing, and there is a hidden color underneath. This shoe was originally released in 2007 as a pair in the Halloween pack. But unfortunately, the other two pairs in the Halloween pack-Jason Voorhees Low and Freddy Krueger-did not release in public at last. There are only 24 pairs made for the Low version Jason Voorhees, and all of them are in traditional sample size 9.

这双鞋的设计来源于美国恐怖电影13号星期五的主人公杰森。鞋身上的红色皮革代表了杰森脸上的红色血迹,而鞋上的白色皮革则代表了杰森经常带的一副曲棍球面罩。如果长时间穿着这双鞋或者用它来滑板,鞋头处的红色会随着磨碎慢慢褪去,并且红色的下面还有另外一层黑红裂纹。这双鞋是耐克于2007年万圣节发售的“恐怖套装”中的其中一双,另外两双则是一个低帮版本的Jason Voorhees和著名的Freddy Krueger。但由于版权问题,这两双鞋最终并没有正式发售。据传言称低帮版本的Jason Voorhees只生产了24双并且全都是样品尺码9码。而Freddy Krueger,虽说生产了不同尺码但由于耐克的召回大部分都在工厂被销毁了。至于那一小部分流入市场的Freddy,价格十分昂贵和稀少。