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: 太子
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In 2010, Nike introduced a concept called "Rivalry Pack" which has Hip-Hop as the main theme, and two legendary DJs were invited as two representative figures of “East vs West”. DJ Premier stands for East and Nike designed an Air Force 1 for him. DJ AM stands for West and Nike designed a SB Dunk for him. This project was aimed to commemorate the outstanding contribution of Premier and AM on music and sneaker culture. The two types of "Rivalry Pack" were first sold in 21 Mercer located in New York, and DJ Premier showed up in the activity himself. A few lucky dogs that presented can get the qualification to buy a suit which included Air Force 1 and SB Dunk. Besides, the suit includes the signature of DJ Premier and two special Serrato records. All income that this special suit brough was donated to a fund that commemorated DJ AM. AFter this, a similar activity was held in The Montalban at Los Angeles.

2010年,Nike以Hiphop元素为主题再一次提出了“Rivalry Pack”的概念,让两位传奇DJ作为代表人物呼应“East vs West”,Nike邀请到著名音乐制作人DJ Premier来代表东部,并以Air Force 1为载体,将其个人元素与球鞋结合。而西部选择了已故音乐人DJ AM,以Dunk作为载体。此次企划也是为了纪念二人在音乐方面以及球鞋文化上的卓越贡献。回到鞋本身,此双Air Force 1的色调整体偏暗,而这正符合DJ Premier对鞋的设计的诉求,符合他日常的穿衣风格,并且他希望可以让自己的名字完全的显露的鞋上,正如我们现在看到的这样,在鞋的后跟处有硕大的“DJ Premier”的镭射字样。鞋面采用了全皮与仿蛇皮材质拼接,质感突出。在鞋垫以及鞋头侧方都有着代表“Rivalry Pack”的两双鞋款于纽约的21Mercer进行了首次发售, DJ Premier亲临现场。在发售现场,少数幸运的鞋迷更是可以获得套装(内含Air Force 1和Dunk)的购买资格,除此之外,套装还包括DJ Premier的亲笔签名与特制两张的Serrato唱片。套装发售的收入将全部捐给纪念DJ AM的基金会。之后在洛杉矶的The Montalban又进行了相似的发售活动。