: 366488-001 : 2009
: 张麻子
: 细B
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2009, Parra, a famous Netherland Airist, collaborated with Nike again and published Air Maxim 1+ Parra. This collaboration might be the most low key collaboration of Nike. The whole shoe is covered in black, but the texture is not simple as its palette. Just like what ordinary Air Maxim 1+ has, this collaboration uses acespan and flywire on the middle part of the shoe. Two advanced textures endow the shoe with extraordinary breathability and flexibility. Nylon texture on the tongue and toe cap makes this shoe more comfortable as well. The fender and heel uses reflecting black suede, and the midsole uses inking design--it was colored by Parra in his prefered red and white. A “L” like pattern which was designed by Parra replaced the Nike logo on the tongue, and a “LONERS” was put next to it. This is actually the abbreviation of “Lonely Lovers”--the theme of Parra’s creation.Besides, the insole has an illustration created by Parra--Parra preferred to put more attention on insoles instead of general appearance. Therefore, the low key out look matched with colorful and imaginative insoles, and such crisp contrast makes this shoe extremely enchanting.

在2009年时,著名荷兰艺术家Parra再次携手Nike进行联名合作,而这次的鞋款依旧是选择Air Max系列,但并非选择Air Max 1,而是选择了Air Max 1的进化款—Air Maxim 1+。而这次联名也被誉为Parra与Nike的所有联名鞋款中最为低调的一双,鞋子整体以黑色为主色调,但是材质方面却下了不少功夫。首先鞋子中部采用了Air Maxim 1+的特色材质—网纱(Acespan)与飞线(Flywire),这也是与传统Air Max 1较为不同的地方,两种材质的结合使得鞋子更加轻便与透气,光线照射下能够很容易看见光穿透内部。鞋舌以及鞋头采用的弹性尼龙材质也使得鞋子舒适度大大增加。鞋身两侧的挡泥板以及后跟则采用了反毛的黑色麂皮,而外观上较为突出的便是中底采用了泼墨设计,使用了Parra惯用的红蓝颜色来泼墨点缀中底。鞋舌标上并没有印Nike的标,而是印了Parra创作的图案,一个类似于“L”字的立体图案,旁边还写了“LONERS”字样,其实这是Parra的创作主题“Lonely Lovers”的简写。而Parra联名的惯用套路便是一定会在鞋垫上下功夫,因此鞋垫上也印有Parra的创作画作。而配带的鞋带并非普通的纯色鞋带,而是使用了与整体颜色相同的黑蓝两色(还有另外两幅为黑红二色)。极为低调的外表,内里的鞋垫图案却如此丰富,形成巨大的反差。