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: 太子
: 太子
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CO.JP, stands for Concept Japan, was founded at the end of 1990s. It is the producing line of Nike in the Japan area, and is managed by Marcus Tayui--the products manager of Nike in Japan. “Atmos” is the first collaboration AF1 that was designed by Nike and sneaker store, and “Atmos x Nike AF1” was only available in Japan. Other colors were sold only in Asia. CO.JP projects have different series that include from AF1, Dunk, to Air Max. Brilliant design and limited sales volume makes the demand of players Higher and Higher, and CO.JP gained its reputation globally. Therefore, those shoe types which were designed by CO.JP became classics.

CO.JP owned a lot of famous AF1 colors such as “Linen”, “Atmos”, “HongKong”, and “Taiwan”. This AF1 was designed by CO.JP in 2004, and its color comes from the representative blue and orange palette of the New York Knicks. The vamp is made of traditional leather, and the lining, which is the most unique and special part of this AF1, uses woven mesh blocks pattern. This pattern might stand for basketball, and this AF1 is the only AF1 that has such kind of lining.

介绍这双鞋之前必须要说一下何为CO.JP,企划全称为Concept Japan,代表诞生于20世纪90年代末,Nike在日本地区的产品线,由时任Nike日本地区鞋类产品经理的Marcus Tayui主导。日本在亚洲地区是球鞋文化相对较浓厚的国家,而此企划的开展也是Nike从欧美转为亚洲市场进行投入的重要一步。企划从样式、配色设计以及发售形式上都开启了一定的先河。譬如“Atmos x Nike AF1”是第一款Nike与球鞋店铺合作的Air Force 1 鞋款。而且鞋款仅在日本地区进行限量发售,企划下的其他配色则在亚洲地区限定发售。CO.JP企划下的鞋款从Air Force 1 、Dunk涵盖到Air Max系列。由于出色的设计以及限量的发售使得需求量不断增加,这些鞋款自然收到全世界鞋迷的追捧,并奉为Air Force 1中的经典。
在Air Force 1方面,有着诞生于2001年的“Linen”“Atmos”“Hongkong”“Taiwan”。等经典配色。而此双来自相同企划,诞生于2004年,配色灵感来自于纽约尼克斯队标志性的蓝橙色,鞋面材质采用了
传统皮革,而内衬方面是它最特别的地方,采用了类似于编织网块的设计,也许是象征着篮球元素,这也是目前已知配色中唯一采用这种内衬的Air Force 1。