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: 布鲁克林
: Courtten
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Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This is the collaboration of Nike and a Los Angeles skateboard store Brooklyn Projects, and it was inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The palette is similar to those 2500 stars on the avenue, and the golden swoosh corresponds to the golden outline of the star. The toe camp and the upper part is made of coral red suede material, and the coral red comes from the coral red inside of the star. Most of the vamp uses the classic SAFari pattern, and the black SAFari pattern is similar to the marble-like pattern on the avenue’s floor. This SB Dunk has such a gorgeous and magnificent outlook, and it looks just like a part of the Avenue of Stars. It was told that 450 pairs were once planned to be sold during the 2013 Oscar, and 400 pairs of them had special boxes and accessories. However, the original plan to sell those 450 pairs was cancelled for some reasons. The special edition is different compared to the general released edition. They have golden embroidery “Brooklyn Projects” on the heel(Brooklyn on the left and Projects on the right), and the Nike logo on the tongue is changed to the store's logo "BP".

位于LA的滑板店铺Brooklyn Projects与Nike带来的联名之作,配色灵感来源于著名的好莱坞星光大道,整体的配色与星光大道上镶嵌的近2500颗星星非常相似。金色的Swoosh与星星上的金边相对应,鞋头以及鞋的上半部分采用了珊瑚红色的麂皮绒质感,与星光大道上星星内部的珊瑚红色相对应。鞋面大部分采用了经典的SAFari图案,黑色的SAFari图案与星光大道上类似大理石纹路的地板相同,整体颜色非常的大胆靓丽,与好莱坞星光大道引人注目的特性十分相似。据悉当时有450双预计在2013年奥斯卡颁奖典礼期间发售,其中400双还具有特殊的包装和配件,但是全部鞋款最终由于某些原因没有发售。而这一批特殊发售的与市售的有些许不同,比起市售版本,特殊版本在鞋后跟上带有金色刺绣Brooklyn Projects英文字样(左Brooklyn 右Projects),同时将一只鞋舌上的Nike logo改为店铺的logo “BP”,整体辨识度要提高不少。