: 304292-144 : 2006
: 海王星
: Courtten
: 细B
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

It is known that besides producing normal Nike shoes, FengTay Shoe Factory which is located in China Taiwan produces samples, PE, and some extremely rare shoes as well. According to overt information, FengTay contributes ? to Nike’s global sales volume. Therefore, in the memory of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of FengTay, Nike published this SB Dunk Low Neptune. The color of this SB Dunk comes from a flag which belongs to the old China which no longer exists (We, Soloswoosh team, always believe in the idea of One China, and we can stand no racial division or Taiwan independence. The collection of this SB Dunk is only for reference and recording, and we don’t think shoes should be colored by politics). It is colored by deep blue, red, and white. The midsole uses pure white, and the outsole uses black rubber sole. The shoe is made of High quality leather, and it is still comfortable even AFter decades. The palette of this shoe looks crisp and clear, and it gets its nickname “neptune”for this reason. “Xiumei Qiu” and “Xiumei Jiang” are printed on two soles of each shoe, and they are the Chinese name of the managers of FengTay: Emma and Phyllis. Those two names are printed to commemorate the great contribution of Emma and Phyllis.

众所周知,位于中国台湾省的丰泰(FengTay)鞋厂除了生产一些普通的Nike鞋款外,还出产各种sample、PE和一些极其限量的鞋款。据公开资料显示,这家企业为耐克代工生产的运动鞋就占据了耐克全球销量的六分之一,可见其对于Nike的意义十分重大。所以在丰泰建立35周年时,为庆祝而推出了这一双SB Dunk Low Neptune。整体的配色灵感来源于某旗帜(Soloswoosh一直是一个中国的忠实拥护者,我们不能容忍任何形式的种族分裂和台独言论。收录这双鞋仅为参考,学习,和记录,球鞋的颜色可以有很多,而在这里,我们希望唯独不要有政治色彩)中的靛青(也称深蓝)、红色和白色。中底采用纯白色而外底使用了黑色橡胶底,鞋的材质上采用了优质的皮革,即便是在数十年后的今天也依旧柔软舒适。整体的蓝白色搭配十分清爽,所以也被称之为“海王星”配色。最大的亮点之处在于左右脚的鞋垫分别印制了“邱秀美”和“江秀美”中文字样,两个名字分别是丰泰鞋厂管理层负责人Emma和Phyllis的中文名,仅此纪念其为丰泰做出的贡献。