: 304292-311 : 2006
: 出租车
: Hawk
: Hawk
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2006, Nike released the so-called Taxi Series, including a green pair and a blue pair SB Dunk Low, as to pay tributes to the city’s public transportation. Just as the name stated, this pair is inspired by the colors of the taxis in Tokyo. The white swoosh and yellow stripes match the pattern on the car body, and the black shoelaces together with black outsole represent the black head of Tokyo taxis. However, this pair is not very popular at that time, so that a lot of skateboarders will choose it as a pair of daily skateboard shoes.

耐克在2006年发售了所谓的“出租车套装”来致敬城市的公共交通。整个套装由两双Nike SB Dunk Low组成,一双蓝色,一双绿色。正像这双鞋的名字一样,鞋子的配色和灵感就是来源于日本街头的出租车。鞋身上的白色swoosh和黄色条纹复制了出租车上的类似图案,黑色鞋带和外底则代表了出租车黑色的车头和底盘。但是这双鞋在当年发售的时候并不是非常火爆,价格在前几年也不高,所以许多板手用这双鞋作为了他们日常的滑板鞋。