: 318361-031
: 地震
: 张麻子
: 细B
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This Air Max 1 “Hufquake” was published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. However, this Air Max 1 was delayed one year compared to Air Force 1 and Dunk Low that were published in 2006. This Air Max was published in 2007. It has the same design as its two siblings, and it is another collaboration of Huf and Nike. But this Air Max 1 looks more low key. It is colored in black, but the swoosh, tongue, and embroidery on the heel use very attracting fluorescent green. The fender uses cracking texture design, just like those cracks left by the earthquake. Similar designs can be found near the swoosh and on the heel. The toe cap, tongue, and upper use penetrated leather, and “penetration” and “cracks” are the two most typical traits of the fierce and violent earthquake.

这双Air Max 1 “Hufquake”同样是为了纪念1906年旧金山大地震100周年而推出的,只不过这双相对于当时2006年推出的Air Force 1Dunk Low要迟推出一年。这双在2007年发售的Air Max 1旧金山大地震纪念款采用了和2006年两个鞋款相同的设计,同样是由潮流店铺Huf和Nike合作,但是这次的Air Max 1显得格外低调。整体以黑色为主色调,但Swoosh与鞋舌标以及后跟刺绣则采用抢眼的荧光绿色。鞋侧的挡泥板采用了类似爆裂纹的设计,也像是地震中出现的裂纹,Swoosh旁边以及后跟也是大部分采用了暗纹的裂纹打造。鞋头、鞋舌以及脚踝处使用了穿孔材质的皮革,裂纹与穿孔相搭配,极似大地震中被撕裂的地面。