: 304292-113 : 2005
: 墨西哥
: Courtten
: 狗哥
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This SB Dunk Low Cinco De Mayo was designed by Peter Moore and was published on 2nd May, 2005. In August of 2004, Paul Rodriguez, a famous skateboarder of Nike, beated another skateboard star player Abdias Rivera in the final of X-Games, a well-known skateboard competition, and won the championship while wearing this SB Dunk. This SB Dunk is inspired by Mexican national flag. The whole body is made of red , white, and green leath, and the outsole is brown. The strip lining on the sole is similar to the crown of the eagle on the Mexican national flag. The idea behind this palette is interesting. "Cinco De Mayo", This phrase means "May 5th" in English. This is a traditional patriotism festival in Mexico, and it is set to commemorate the victory of Mexican army that was commended by General Ignacio Zaragoza in the battle against French invaders in May 5th of 1862.

这双由Peter Moore设计的SB Dunk Low Cinco De Mayo由2005年5月2日发售。在2004年8月时,Nike旗下著名的板手Paul Rodriguez,就是穿了这双鞋然后在著名的滑板比赛X-Game的决赛上击败了另一位滑板新星Abdias Rivera 而夺冠。这双SB Dunk的灵感是来自于墨西哥国旗。鞋身由红白绿三色的皮革组成,外底采用了棕色的外底。鞋垫上的条纹内衬也和墨西哥国旗中心的老鹰的肉冠有相似之处。其配色其背后的设计理念十分有趣,“Cinco De Mayo” 从西班牙语翻译过来就是“5月5日”。在墨西哥,5月5日节是一个传统的的爱国主义节日,是为了纪念1862年5月5日的普埃布拉战役中,墨西哥军队在伊格纳西奥·萨拉戈萨将军的带领下击败法国侵略军而设立的。