: 314771-801 : 2006
: Huf 地震
: Hawk
: Hawk
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为了悼念1906年的旧金山大地震100周年,旧金山著名街头品牌HUF在2006年与nike合作,选用了当时最受欢迎的两大鞋款Air Force 1 和 Nike Dunk,以地震为灵感进行创作出了Hufquake系列。此系列的设计师是HUF的成员Keith Hufnagel。两双鞋的鞋舌分别以刺绣的形式写上了1906和2006,用以纪念旧金山大地震100周年。而鞋头以及鞋的中底则布满了裂纹,这裂纹代表着地震时山崩地裂的场景。鞋的后跟也以刺绣的形式绣上了当时地震时监测到的电波图。作为一双用以纪念大地震一百周年的鞋,Hufquake的设计可以说是诚意满满。

In the memory of the 100th Anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the famous San Francisco street brand HUF held a cooperation project together with Nike. They selected the two most popular shoe types, Air Force 1 and Nike Dunk, and they designed the Hufquake series which is inspired by the earthquake. This series is the work of Keith Hufnagel, a member of HUF. On the tongues of the two types, “1906” and “2006” are carved in embroidery to commemorate the 100th Anniverisary. The toe cap and the middle of the sole are covered by cracks which represent the scene of the horrible earthquake. The heel has an electromyogram that is about the seismic wave observed during the earthquake being carved in embroidery. As a series that was used to commemorate the 100th Anniversary, Hufquake did have an excellent design.