: 305050-304 : 2007
: 香水
: Hawk
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This SB Dunk is designed by Liam Sean Martin, a famous designer who owned a lot of classic types such as the Hemp Pack, Lucky 7, and Unlucky 13, which were designed in memory of 420 day of Marijuana. This Brut is inspired by famous French perfume brand Brut. Two other types in this SB Dunk series, Mid and Low, are inspired by 4711 Cologne and Old Spice. The green color of this pair of shoes comes from the green bottle of Brut Elvis Presley Limited Edition. This special type of green is named as "tomatillo" which is used to describe a kind of Mexican tomato.

Brut这双鞋出自设计师Liam Sean Martin之手。这位设计师曾经创作过很多经典的鞋款,比如为了纪念420大麻日的Hemp packLucky 7以及Unlucky 13。这双brut的设计灵感来源于法国百露香水。与其同系列的mid和low的设计灵感则分别来自于4711古龙水以及Old Spice。鞋上的绿色来源于Brut猫王限定款的绿色瓶身,这种别具一格的绿色来自于墨西哥绿番茄,被称作tomatillo