: 310661-221 : 2004
: 夏威夷
: Hawk
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

Aloha在夏威夷文中是 “你好”的意思,而夏威夷作为美国的第五十个州,也因此有着Aloha State的外号。座落于夏威夷最有名的城市Honolulu,Kicks Hawaii是一间以lifestyle为主题的球鞋Concept shop。这双Aloha Dunk的创作灵感来自夏威夷的天然环境及著名土产。鞋头的绿色来自去掉外壳的牛油果,而夏威夷正是美国三大牛油果产地之一。编织的 Side panels以夏威夷杉树树叶传统编织法(Lauhala weave)所制成。深啡色的Toe box、鞋舌、鞋带及Swoosh,代表夏威夷,也是全美唯一的咖啡产地,Kona。夏威夷群岛是由海底火山爆发所形成,而这双鞋自然也采用了大量的火山相关元素。混浊的灰色绒面皮革,代表火山灰。淡灰加黑色的鞋底代表熔岩流出火山后,逐渐冷却时所展现出的不同顏色。这双鞋分为市售版和样品版,区别在于限量50双的样品鞋跟侧位置会有着"KICKS/HI"的刺绣 。

Aloha stands for "Hello" in English, and Hawaii also has a nickname as Aloha State. Located in the most famous city of Hawaii, Honolulu, Kicks Hawaii is a concept shop of shoes and uses "lifestyle" as their topic and slogan. This Aloha Dunk is inspired by the natural environment and cultural products of Hawaii. The green color comes from avocado, the most well-known products of Hawaii. The side panels are made by Lauhala Weave technique--a traditional method that is still used by Hawaii native in weaving baskets. The deep coffee color of toe box, tongue, shoelace, and Swoosh is a representation of Kona, the only place of production of Coffee in Hawaii and the US. Considering that Hawaiian Islands are constructed by submarine volcanic eruption, this SB Dunk has a lot of volcanic elements. The muddy grey suede leather stands for volcanic ash. The black and grey sole stands for the different color that lava presents when it is cooling. Aloha Dunk has two editions: General-released edition and Sample edition which has only 50 pairs. On the side of the heel of Sample edition, there will be a phrase of "Kicks Hawaii" which is made by embroidery.