: 378126-071 : 2009
: Hawk
: 太子
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

Before the publication of this Air Force 1, Nike has already had a long history of cooperation with Mr.Cartoon--a famous tattoo master and a pioneer of Hip-Hop culture who comes from LA. Nike and Mr.Cartoon used to collaborate on four generations of Air Force 1, and the first generation is the rarest and most popular one among all. The publish of fifth generation is a re-edition of the first generation somehow--details (such as the web-like pattern on the toe cap) are preserved. It’s worth mentioning that the web-like pattern which makes people think about “spider-man” irritated Marvel, and Nike changed the pattern to “Clown” which is Mr.Cartoon’s favourite pattern in the third generation. The fifth generation uses black and yellow, and this special palette comes from an individual series that Nike designed for legendary racing driver Lance Armstrong--Livestrong. Black and yellow created a fantastic chemical reaction with the street style pattern that Mr.Cartoon designed, and this makes the whole shoe look more impressive. The shoe box uses the same black and yellow color. This Air Force 1 was sold by a rule called “Tier Zero” which means that only a few shoe stores can get the qualification to sell. Mr.Cartoon even visited those qualified stores located in LA. Among all attended players, twelve of them got a special edition which contained a t-shirt and postcard that had Mr.Cartoon’s signature on it.

在此双鞋发售之前,Nike早已经与来自LA的著名涂鸦纹身大师、HIPHOP文化推广者Mr.Cartoon有着多年的合作关系。双方曾联名推出四款Air Force 1,其中发售量最少也是最受人追捧的,莫过于联名发售的第一代Air Force1。而此次第五代的发售,也可以理解为对第一代的一次“复刻”,鞋身细节图案(尤其是鞋头的蜘蛛网图案)等均得到保留。值得一提的是,在第一代发售之后,鞋头的蜘蛛网图案很容易让人联系到“蜘蛛侠”,这引起了美国MARVEL公司的不满,于是Nike随后补充发售了第三代,将原有的蜘蛛网图案换成了Mr.Cartoon招牌的小丑图案。第五代的颜色采用黑色与黄色,这是Nike在2009年为传奇车手Lance Armstrong推出的个人系列——Livestrong的专属配色。黄黑两色与Mr.Cartoon设计的街头风格图案相结合,让整双鞋更加的具有视觉冲击力。此双鞋的鞋盒也采用Livestrong系列特别款的黄黑元素。此双鞋的发售采用“Tier Zero”的方式,意味着只有少数高级别店铺拥有发售资格。在LA的发售店铺,Mr.Cartoon更是亲临发售现场。参与发售的鞋迷中,有12位幸运儿可以获得内含Mr.Cartoon亲笔签名的T恤与明信片的特殊版本。