: 307334-001 : 2004
: 温故知新
: Hawk
: 太子
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2004, a famous Japanese sneaker store Mita Sneaker collaborated with Nike, and the topic of this collaboration is “the development of sneaker’s texture”. They published the collaboration based on Air Force 1. This collaboration is also the first collaboration that is sold on China Mainland. This shoe is made of patent leather, traditional leather, and ostrich leather. The white leather and grey ostrich leather stand for 1980s, and black nubuck and green patent leather stand for 1990s. The lining uses Nike Dri Fit technology which can improve wearing experience. The carriage, car, and sports car patterns on the sole stand for the progressing development of history. Under the sports car pattern, "DITATAG/ANGILOL" is printed. It’s worth mentioning that the sample edition of this Air Force 1 is revealed through the internet. For sample edition, the swoosh part is gold, and the middle sole becomes black and connected with the while out-sole. The color of tongue and heel is different as well. On the side of the heel, there is an embroidery of “UENO”, and this stands for the place where Mita Sneaker is located. In 2017, Nike published a Dunk Low JP according to the color palette of this sample edition, but it is a pity that the “UENO” embroidery was not preserved this time.

在2004年,日本著名球鞋店铺Mita Sneaker与Nike进行了一次以球鞋材质物料的发展为概念的联名,以Air Force 1为载体推出了此双合作款。这双联名款也是第一双在中国大陆发售的店铺合作版的Air Force 1。鞋身材料由漆皮,传统皮革以及鸵鸟皮组成,呼应主题。白色皮革面与灰色的鸵鸟皮材质象征80年代,黑色的麂皮(Nubuck)与绿色的漆皮象征90年代。此双鞋的内衬采用了Nike Dri Fit技术,旨在优化穿着的舒适性。鞋垫上印着的马车、汽车以及赛车的图案代表历史的发展进程。在赛车图案的正下方印有“DITATAG/ANGILOL”的字样。值得一提的是,此双鞋的Sample版本是通过网络被公众于世的。从外观来看,Sample版本的材质部分在区域上发生了变化,SWOOSH部分变为金色,中底变为黑色并与白色外底相结合。鞋舌与后跟的颜色也与市售版有所区别。侧后跟部位有着代表上野的“UENO”字样的刺绣,代表Mita Sneaker鞋店所在的地区。在2017年,Nike以此双Sample的配色为灵感,推出了一双Dunk Low JP,但遗憾的是“UENO”刺绣部分并没有保留。