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Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2006, June 22nd, after Sole Collector visited all Niketowns over America, this activity came to the last region of US--Las Vegas. Steve Mulholland from Sole Collector and Tom Luedecke from Nike created this special Dunk together to commemorate this special event, and this Dunk was sold in limited edition at the activity. The shoe is mainly made of crocodile-skin-like texture and polished 3M material. The white and brown correspond to the logo of Sole Collector. A human figure that has a sneaker as his head is printed in embroidery at the heel of the right foot, and a special number for every pair is printed at the heel of the left one. Patterns on the side of the shoe and toe cap tells a short story--sneakerheads--several people that have a sneaker as their head--lining up and finally get the shoe they want. This bizarre story is an analogy to the selling and queueing scene in the popular activity.

2006年7月22日,当Sole Collector这个活动席卷整个美国的Niketowns之后,来到了美国地区的最后一站—拉斯维加斯。为了纪念这最后一站,来自Sole Collector的Steve Mulholland和来自Nike创意厨房的Tom Luedecke共同打造了这双鞋,并且在活动当天进行了限量发售。鞋身的主要材料是仿鳄鱼皮和反光的3m材质,鞋身的白色和中低的栗色则是呼应了当时Sole Collector的logo的颜色。左右两只脚的后跟处都有不同的刺绣:右脚后跟处刺绣了一个人形图案,这个图案与鞋身3m部分的人形图案相似,而亮点在于这些人的头部都是一只鞋,这也就代表了当时的sneakerhead。左脚后跟处则是刺绣了每双鞋的独特编号,在当时活动上这双鞋只限量发售了400双。这双鞋最有趣的一点则是鞋两侧和鞋头上的人形图案。在鞋的两侧,这几个人形图案只是头上是一只鞋,这代表了当时的sneakerhead排着队想着这双鞋的场景;而到了鞋头处,则是一个大的人形图案,不仅头上是一只鞋,双手也变成了鞋,这就代表着sneakerhead排队之后得到鞋的场景。