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Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

As a tradition, Nike SB Dunk always invites skateboarders to design their own shoes. On the third Nike SB Custom Series in 2009, Nike invited four skateboarders to design, and Grant Taylor, the designer of Ants Rasta, is one of them. On April 20th of 2009, Nike put this SB Blazer on sale. It looks normal, but it actually has two easter eggs within. There is a logo that is colored in red, yellow, and green on the tongue. These three colors represent the flag of Rastafari--red stands for Black people’s color, yellow stands for looted wealth, green stands for lost ground of Africa. In 1996, Bob Marley changed his religion from Catholic to Rastafari, and he is also a severe marijuana addict. Three ants on the heel have the same color palette, and there is also a T-shirt that has white ant print sold together with Ants Rasta as an accessory.

一直以来,Nike SB Dunk都会邀请滑手来设计他们自己的鞋款。在2009年的第三次Nike SB Custom Series中, Nike邀请了四名滑手来设计鞋款。Ants Rasta的设计者Grant Taylor就是其中之一。在2009年的4.20, Nike发售了这款SB Blazer。整双鞋其貌不扬,但其实有两处彩蛋。这双鞋的鞋舌上有一个红黄绿的鞋标。红黄绿代表着拉斯塔法里教的教旗——其中红色代表黑人的血液,黄色代表被掠夺的财富,绿色代表着非洲失去的土地。1996年,世界雷鬼教父Bob Marley从天主教转为了拉斯塔法里教,他同时也是一位大麻重度爱好者,这便是这双鞋在细节处采用红黄绿配色的原因。鞋跟部位的三只蚂蚁同样采用了红黄绿的配色,该鞋款还有一件白色蚂蚁印花的T恤配件。