: Unknown : 2003
: 铁娘子
: Unknown
: Hawk
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This Nike SB Dunk is never to be put on sale, and it is based on Iron Maiden, a rock n' roll band from Britain. The whole body is full of heavy metal elements, and the pattern of "Eddie"--the mascot of this band and is designed by Britain artist Derek Riggs--is on the outside of the shoe. In the 1980s, as Iron Maiden gained more and more reputation and fame around the world, Eddie became familiar to music fans as a mascot of Iron Maiden, and that might be the reason why "Eddie" was added onto this SB Dunk in such an exaggerated way. The whole shoe is made of leather and suede, and "Iron Maiden" is printed on the heel in embroidery. Information about this shoe is limited, but it is ensured that it is a work in Slive Box Era. According to officials, the total number of productions is 24 paires, and all of them were given to the band's relatives and Nike’s stAFf. However, some collectors think the true number of productions should be 18 or 34. There is an anecdote about this shoe as well: a Nike stAFf found a pair of Iron Maiden and sold it via Ebay, and though he earned a considerable amount of money, Nike soon targeted this stAFf and fired him.

这是一双从未市售的鞋,设计灵感来源于英国的铁娘子摇滚乐队。鞋身充满了重金属摇滚乐的风格,鞋子的外侧有英国画家Derek Riggs为铁娘子乐队设计的吉祥物“Eddie”的图案。在上世纪80年代,当铁娘子乐队逐渐闻名世界之时,乐队的吉祥物“Eddie”也逐渐在摇滚界中被大家熟知,可能这就是为什么“Eddie”会被如此夸张的设计到了这双鞋的两侧。整双鞋大部分由皮革和麂皮构成,并且在左右脚鞋子的后跟处刺绣上了铁娘子乐队的英文名 ”Iron Maiden” (Iron在左脚后跟,Maiden在右脚后跟)。关于这双鞋所收录的信息并不多,可以确定的是这是一双银盒时期的作品,但鞋子的发售数量并不确定。官方的说法是一共有24双,并且所有都作为礼物送给了乐队的亲友和几个Nike的员工,但也有其他收藏家认为一共有18双,34双等。关于这双鞋还有一个小故事,据传言说曾有一名Nike员工从仓库里拿了一双鞋并且挂到了ebay上进行售卖,最后还获得了可观的收益,但Nike也随之找到了这名员工并且将他开除。