: 504750-176 : 2013
: 上海复刻
: cold
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

OG Shanghai was mainly sold in Asia, and only a few American and European skateboard stores can get the permission to sell. This Dunk was designed by the manager of Doe, Himm. The color and pattern on the embroidery which is printed on the suede are originated from the fence of Yuyuan and City God Temple. The logo on the tongue is actually an artistic way to write “Shanghai”, and the structure of Yuyuan can be seen in this designated pattern. The palette of red and gold means “fortune and wealth” in China. Shanghai 2 also contains the main theme after the first SB Dunk that stands for Shanghai was published.

OG上海主要是在亚洲发售,除了少数的美国和欧洲滑板零售商。由现在Doe的主理人Himm设计并主导。麂皮上采用的压印的浮雕的颜色与图案灵感来源于豫园的和城隍庙的栏杆。鞋舌上logo是将“滬”字拼成一个圆形并且同时也保持着豫园的结构。刺绣在原版设计方案是要采用金色的,但因为成本问题后来改为银色。 红色和金色的搭配则代表了“好运和财富”。这也是第一双代表上海的SB Dunk 在之后不久,Himm携手pk等人为上海带来了第二双别具风格的小笼包