: 313170-201 : 2006
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Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

The Sabotage(SBTG) from Singapore might be one of the most well-known and outstanding shoe customization teams in Asia. This team was founded in 2003 by artist Mark Ong, and they published this collaboration with Nike SB in 2006. The passion of Mark Ong on military elements can be found vividly on this collebreation. The shoe is colored by black and olive green, and the side of the toe cap uses a camouflage-like pattern which is constructed by leaves and branches. The pattern that SBTG created is printed on the side of the shoe, and Royalefarm font can be found under the pattern--this is the praise given by the whole industry which identifies the leadership of SBTG team. The golden swoosh is attractive, and the lining uses a red logo bravely. Grip Tape texture is rarely used on shoes, and this texture is extremely fragile--it will collapse AFter times or frequently wearing. The leather paster on the tongue is similar to the pastor of the SB Dunk Low “Golf” which was published in 2005. The double pirates machete pattern of SBTG can be found on the plaster, and the plater looks similar to the sail of a pirate ship. This collaboration gets its nickname “pirate” from those elements.

Mark Ong, the manager of SBTG, uses Air Jordan 1 which was published in 1985 by Nike as an analogy to describe this correlation--this is the first time and one of the best times, and it opened the bright future for SBTG just like a key.

要说在亚洲地区数一数二的球鞋定制团队,当属新加坡的定制团队Sabotage(SBTG)。团队由艺术家Mark Ong于2003年创立,在2006年与Nike SB合作推出这款联名。Mark Ong对军事元素的热爱,在这双联名上就有所体现。首先是整体的配色采用黑色和橄榄绿两种颜色,鞋头侧面是用上了类似树枝树叶的迷彩图案,鞋的侧面是SBTG所创作的图案,图案下方带有Royalefam的字体,是届内赋予SBTG团队“Royalefam潮牌领军人物”的赞誉。金色的swoosh十分抢眼,内衬则是运用了大胆的红色迷彩纹。鞋头

运用了磨砂质感的防滑皮革(Griptape),同时带有SBTG团队的红色logo刺绣彰显身份。这种griptape材质在鞋款上的运用十分罕见,并且这种材质难以保存,时间一长或者穿着之后很容易开裂。最具特色的莫过于鞋舌上覆盖的皮革材质的贴片,与2005年发售的SB Dunk Low “Golf”上的贴片十分相似,上面还印有SBTG团队创造的海盗双刀图案,同时这个贴片也极似海盗船上的风帆,这也就是这双鞋被称为“海盗”的原因。

SBTG主理人Mark Ong也将这次联名比作Nike在1985年推出Air Jordan 1一样,因为是第一次,也是如此成功的一次,它就如同一把钥匙一样,开启了SBTG以后通往各个领域的大门。