: 318985-001 : 2008
: Kaws
: 太子
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2009, Nike started a project called "1World" about Air Force 1. 18 representative artists and athletes all over the world were assembled, and Nike published a classic series together with them. This Air Force 1 is the work of famous New York artist Kaws. It has a main theme of black and partially decorated fluorescent green--such as the shoelace, midsole, the connection between vamp and the metal accessory, and the outsole. The "XX" on the side of the toe cap is worth mentioning, and it is an important element that Kaws uses in his art works. In his cartoon characters and other works, Kaws uses "XX" to replace a figure's eyes, which makes this pattern especially representative and unique. This Air Force 1 has few decorations from color or pattern, yet "Low key luxury" can be found from the dedicated leather texture and the "XX" design of routing on some parts of the vamp. The midsole uses I/O technology. Through the green crystal outsole, one can see "KAWS" be written in grAFfiti font. "Keep it simple" is Kaws’ designing idea, and he does successfully seeding his idea on this Air Force 1.

2009年,Nike展开了名为1World,以Air Force 1作为载体的企划,与18位来自世界各地的具有代表性的运动员、艺术家和品牌进行合作,推出了一系列经典鞋款。此双为与纽约知名艺术家Kaws合作的鞋款。Kaws的个人过往我们不在这里进行过对赘述。回归球鞋本身,球鞋配色整体以黑色为主,加上部分荧光绿色的点缀,如鞋带、中底,鞋带的金属配件与鞋面的连接处,以及外底.最值得一提的就是鞋头侧面的荧光色的“XX”细节处理,这是Kaws在自己的艺术创作中重要的元素之一,在很多卡通人物以及其他作品中,Kaws会用“XX”代替原本图像人物中的眼睛,极具个人风格。此双鞋并没有过多所谓的配色或图案的添加,而是选择了一种“低调的奢华”,皮质选择了具有磨砂质感的皮质,鞋面的一部分区域连接处采用了“XX”的走线设计,取代了传统车线。鞋的中底采用了I/O技术,搭配荧光绿色的水晶外底,透过外底可以看到“KAWS”的涂鸦风格字体。“Keep it simple”是Kaws本人对于设计的理念,他也成功地将其灌输于这双Air Force 1的设计上,从这双鞋的配色以及细节的处理上相信已经显而易见了。