: 536356-002 : 2012
: 异型2
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

After the first generation of Pushead was published in 2005, Nike collaborated with San Francisco artist, Pushead, again and published the second generation of Pushead. This SB Dunk is only sold in the headquarters of Nike in San Francisco. As an artist and the owner of a record company, Pushead has punk band Septic Death. He is also the designer of Metallica, The Misfits, Aerosmith, and Thrasher Magazine. He designs patterns for Zorlac, a skateboard band. Pushead uses his favorite broken skeleton element on the insole, and he colored the body of this Dunk with bruised color--a kind of bleached-like color. On the heel of the second generation of Pushead, there is a pattern that looks like an alien skull, and that is the origin of its nickname. This Dunk SB has an accessory in its shoe box--a shoe box container bag that has the same color. This Dunk SB also has several related peripheral products like skateboards and work jackets, but all of them are very rare right now.

继2005年Pushead一代后,Nike和旧金山艺术家Pushead合作推出了第二代Pushead。这双鞋在Nike旧金山总部发售。作为一名艺术家和一家唱片公司的老板,Pushead的旗下有着PUNK乐队Septic Death乐队。他也是著名乐队MetallicaThe MisfitsAerosmith以及Thrasher Magazine的御用设计师。他本人为滑板品牌Zorlac设计图案。Pushead将自己擅长的破坏骷髅元素运用到了这双鞋的鞋垫上,在鞋身上渲染了他本人很喜欢的bruised color——一种类似于经过漂白渲染的颜色。在Pushead二代鞋跟方外侧印有一个像异形一样的图案,这也是其昵称的来源。Pushead二代鞋盒中的的配件包括一个拥有同样色彩设计的鞋盒袋。其实这双鞋还有滑板和工装夹克这两款周边,不过后两者现在非常稀有。