: 314070-141 : 2007
: 牛奶
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

In 2007, Nike collaborated with Jeff Han, one of the most qualified OG of Chinese Skateboard. As the owner of Fly Streetwear, a Shanghai Skateboard store, Jeff used to work in Shanghai Guangming Milk factory for several years before learning skateboarding. The color of this SB is inspired by milk cartons. There is a search notice on the heel. In the 1980s, communication technology was still in the developing process, and search notices were written on paper. Because a lot of families ordered milk everyday, people choose to put search notices on the milk carton. The color of the shoelace and insole is from the blue, white, and red straw which was delivered together with milk. The origin of the raw rubber bottom is still controversial, and someone thinks it is inspired by the rubber band which was used to bundle milk cartons. Chinese word for “milk” is Highlighted in multiple places. There is a milk carton pattern on the tongue. The box of this SB is made as a milk carton, and there is a search notice on the side of the box as well. When this SB was first released, people rarely bought it, and its price used to be only 900 RMB(around $130). However, as the scarceness of milk carton edition and the fragile texture of the box, milk carton edition becomes one of the most expensive SB nowadays. There are a skateboard, a milk can which contains a T-shirt, a paper skateboard, and an envelope together with this SB Blazer that can be found in Shanghai Fly Streetwear.

在2007年,Nike首次和中国滑板教父级人物韩敏捷Jeff联名。作为上海滑板店Fly Streetwear(成立于1999)的老板,在深入滑板运动之前,韩敏捷曾在上海光明牛奶厂工作了三四年,而这双鞋的配色灵感也是来源于当时的牛奶盒。鞋后跟的部位贴着一封寻人启事。在80年代那个通讯技术尚不发达的年代,传统纸质版的寻人启事流行在大街小巷。由于当时很多家庭都会订牛奶,所以很多人就会把寻人启事贴在牛奶盒上,来更好的传播信息。鞋带和鞋垫的配色也是模仿当时牛奶蓝白红的吸管。关于中底所运用的生胶底,有人说其灵感来源于当时绑在牛奶盒上的皮筋,但众说纷纭,没有人能盖棺定论。这双鞋的鞋跟外侧,鞋带头,鞋垫都突出了牛奶的中文字样。在这双鞋的鞋舌上,有一个牛奶盒的图案。这双鞋的特殊鞋盒则做成了牛奶盒的样子,同样,在鞋盒的侧面也画着寻人启事。这双鞋在发售之初并没有很多人购买,当时以900人民币的价格就可以买到牛奶盒版本,而由于牛奶盒版本的稀少,加上牛奶盒经过多年之后变得易碎,不好保存,牛奶也成为了现在的天价鞋款。这双鞋还有一些配件,比如装有T恤的奶罐,信封,纸片滑板,滑板,感兴趣的朋友可以去到上海的Fly Streetwear参观实物。