: 304292-741 : 2004
: 蓝麻
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Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

The day of marijuana in April 20th originated from a city tale. In 1971, five high school students in California decided to find an abandoned marijuana field. They planned to meet at the Louis statue located in school square at 4:20 PM, and 4:20 Louis is the name of their plan as well. Therefore, April 20th became the international day of marijuana. In 2004, Nike published Red hemp and Blue hemp. That is the first time Nike uses hemp texture in their shoes. The upper part of two types are made of nearly 100% of hemp texture, and such texture is both breathable and polished. Meanwhile, hemp is very durable, and even after a long time of wearing, the shape of shoes can still be preserved. Those two hemp packs became extremely popular after they were published, and Nike published the children edition of them in July. That was the first time that Nike published a children edition of SB Dunk. In August, Nike published a Green hemp edition that has only 420 pairs.

4.20大麻日起源于一个传说。在1971年的加州,五名高中生想要约定下午四点二十在学校广场的Louis雕像面前会和并且一起飞叶子,4.20 Louis也正是是他们计划的名称。久而久之,4.20演变为国际大麻日。在2004年,Nike推出了红麻和蓝麻两个款式。这是Nike首次将麻的材质运用到了球鞋当中,两款鞋的上半部分由近乎100%的麻材质构成,兼具透气性和发亮的特点。同时,麻编制而成的材质十分耐用,即便经过长时间穿着,依旧可以保持鞋子最初的形态。这两双鞋在发售之后收到了巨大的反响。同年7月,Nike推出了这两双鞋的童鞋版本,这是Nike第一次发售SB Dunk的童鞋。在同年8月,Nike又推出了限量420双的绿麻