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In 2013, famous brand Undefeated collaborated with Nike again, and they published “Bring back pack” in this collaboration. The shoe types they used are Dunk High Premium and HyperDunk 2012. It is amazing that Eddie Cruz, the manager of UNDFTD, used the UNDFTD X Nike Dunk High which was wored by Undefeated stAFf on the opening ceremony of Undefeated in 2002 specifically. This special type only has 24 pairs(someone says 48 pairs) and is only available for store members and their relatives. Thus, this shoe became a symbol of Supreme. In 2013, UNDFTD Dunk High White Premium that belongs to "Bring back pack" was designed according to the old white one. The vamp is made of white full leather, and the lining is covered by white leather. The outside of heed still preserves the coffee embroidery logo of Undefeated, and the sole is made of raw rubber. The whole palette and texture of the 2013 edition perfectly reappeared the 2002 edition--the one that fans keep dreaming about. The three main differences between two editions are the lining texture, new "UNDFTD" on shoelace, and the “Nike” logo on the tongue was changed to “Undefeated” logo. The HyperDunk 2012 had a similar palette and structure: white body, raw rubber sole, and Undefeated logo on the heel.

In the same year, another UNDFTD X Nike Dunk High "Ballistic" edition was published. This edition has army green as the main theme, and it’s vamp is made of Ballistic nylon material and textured leather.

在2013年时,著名潮流店铺Undefeated与Nike再次展开合作进行联名,而这一次的合作给大家带来的是“Bring back pack”。合作的鞋型选用了Dunk High Premium 和HyperDunk 2012两款,令人惊喜的是,UNDFTD主理人Eddie Cruz在此次联名上刻意选择了以2002年Undefeated开幕式店铺成员所穿着的UNDFTD x Nike Dunk High进行再创作。当年店铺开幕时成员所穿着的据悉仅制作了24双(也有48双之说),仅供店铺成员及亲朋好友拥有,未曾市售,所以也就成为了鞋迷们梦寐以求的殿堂级圣物。而2013年的“Bring Back Pack”中的UNDFTD Dunk High White Premium整体以当年未市售那款的全白设计出发,鞋面用全白色的全皮革打造,同时内衬也以全白色皮革进行覆盖。鞋跟外侧依旧带有咖啡色的Undefeated刺绣标志,而鞋底则是采用生胶大底进行搭配,配色整体洁净自然,可以说是99%还原了当年未市售那一款,让不少鞋迷圆梦。要说二者之间最大的差异的话,仅是内衬材质有所改变以及鞋带端增加“UNDFTD”字样和将鞋舌标志从原先的Nike标变成Undefeated标志。套装中的另外一双HyperDunk 2012的配色也与其大致相同,全白色鞋身加上生胶大底,同时辅以后跟Undefeated标志。
在这之后同年二者还发售了另外一款UNDFTD x Nike Dunk High “Ballistic”配色,整体设计与白色款相同,不同的是以军绿色为主打,鞋面以Ballistic尼龙材质和纹面皮革构成。