: 307385-181 : 2003
: 满天星
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

Nike在2003年和Supreme进行了第二次联名。本次联名款仅在纽约的Supreme门店进行发售,规则为每天发售一个配色,每款限量1000双,并且每名玩家只允许购入其中的一双。由于苛刻的规则以及稀少的数量,这双鞋也变的尤为稀有,成为了大家眼中的神鞋之一。这次联名一共推出了红蓝橙三个配色,同时采用了银色的鞋盒——这是继Nike元年通用鞋盒之后,SB Dunk的第二款鞋盒。这次联名的设计一定程度上的还原了Nike80年代的复古篮球鞋dunk的Be True to Your School系列。三种配色分别运用了北卡大学的北卡蓝,雪城大学的橙色,以及圣约翰大学的配色。不同于绝大多数的SB Dunk high,这次联名在鞋舌是我们熟悉的SB Dunk Low的超厚鞋舌,而鞋带则采用了Dunk上的扁鞋带,而非SB Dunk通用的圆鞋带。这双鞋的鞋身上有金色的星星作为点缀,鞋舌上的Nike logo以及鞋舌后面的生产信息都是用了金色的字样,还有一枚金色的Supreme字样鞋带扣。据说,原本要在金色星星的部分印满Nike的logo,可由于版权原因只能被迫放弃。鞋身的部分材质使用了鳄鱼皮,在视觉观感上突出了高级感。

In 2003, Nike collaborated with Supreme for the second time. This collaboration was only available among Supreme in New York. There will be one specific color for everyday and one thousand limitations for every color. A customer was only allowed to buy one of them. Because of the restricted rule and short supply, this Nike Supreme became extremely rare. The design this time reproduced the "Be True to Your School" series to a certain degree. There are three colors in this collaboration--blue of UNC(University of North Carolina), orange of SU(Syracuse University), red of SJU(St John's University), and the shoe box is colored silver. Different from other SB Dunk High, the tongue of this correlation is the thick tongue of SB Dunk Low, and the shoelace is the flat type of dunk. The body of it is decorated with golden stars, and the Nike logo and produce information behind the tongue are all written in gold. Also ,there is a gold "supreme" shoelace buckle. In fact, Nike used to plan to fill the body of this SB Dunk with Nike logo, but they have to give up this plan due to copyright problems. Crocodile skin is used on several parts of this SB Dunk in order to make it more luxurious.