: 313170-600 : 2012
: 红爆裂
: CG17
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

At the 10th anniversary of Nike SB Dunk, Nike SB Dunk collaborated with Supreme for the third time. This collaboration shouts out to the OG mono color collaboration which was published ten years ago--this correlation is also known as the first official collaboration in the history of SB Dunk(except SP). Nike didn’t claim the sales volume of this collaboration. The SB Dunk of 2012 used advanced shoe shape, and the pattern of the outsole was changed as well. On the inside of the heel, Achilles tendon protection was added. Same as the collaboration of 2002, this collaboration uses classic blast pattern design and the most representative color of Supreme--red. Compared with the 2002 edition, this correlation has an extra tag. Also there is an easter egg on the insole--by putting two insoles together, one can see “Supreme”.

在Nike SB Dunk创立十周年之际,Nike SB Dunk与Supreme进行了第三次联名。这次的联名致敬了十年前的OG黑色白色联名款,那也是SB Dunk历史上的第一次正式联名(SP除外)时推出的款式。官方并没有宣布这次联名鞋款的发售量。2012年的SB Dunk使用了升级版的鞋型,大底改变了纹路,并且在鞋跟内部增加了阿基里斯腱保护设计。这双鞋和2002年的联名款一样,使用了Nike经典的爆裂纹设计以及Supreme最具代表性的红色。这双鞋的设计本身与2002版大同小异,但此次联名附赠了一个吊牌,在左右脚鞋垫处则增加了一个小彩蛋——将两个两只红色鞋垫拼在一起可以看到Supreme的字样。