: 304292-101 : 2005
: 复仇者
: 细B
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This SB Dunk has black leather texture and is colored by white and purple stripes pattern. The purple shoelace corresponds to the purple of stripes. This SB Dunk was designed by Leam Sean Martin in his series "Avenger" and was published in June 2005. This SB Dunk has two palettes: purple Avenger and blue Avenger. People might think the Avenger stands for the Marvel Avenger, but this Dunk is actually inspired by the stripes suit of the protagonist John Steed of a Britain TV series "The Avengers". The shirt-like stripe texture on the heel is the most attractive point of this Avenger, and the polished leather texture makes the whole shoe more harmonious. In the november of the same year, Nike published another edition--patent leather edition. Though the color stayed the same, the material changed a lot. Polished leather was replaced by black patent leather, and the new material made the shoe especially charming. Thus, there are actually four editions of the Avenger series.

Besides, Nike published some peripheral productions of Avenger series such as Polo’s and jackets, but all of them are extremely rare right now.

全黑的光滑皮质,加上紫白相间的条纹设计,紫色的鞋带也呼应了条纹的紫色设计。这双由Liam Sean Martin所设计的“Avenger”系列于2005年6月发售,一共包含两种配色,紫白相间的条纹purple avenger和蓝白相间的条纹blue avenger。许多人以为这与当下热门的漫威复仇者联盟有关系,但实质这设计灵感是来源于英剧《The Avengers》中的主人公John Steed所穿着的条纹西装。所以鞋身后半部的类似于正装衬衫的条纹布料正是此双鞋抓人眼球之处,同时光滑的皮革质感也给予人舒适的感觉。在同年的11月份,Nike还发售了此款鞋的另一个版本—漆皮版本。同样的两款配色再次发售,但是鞋身材质有了很大的改变,把原先用光滑皮革的地方改为用黑色光亮的漆皮,使得鞋子在低调中又不失特别之处。因此这款Avenger系列一共有四双,紫色和蓝色配色各有两个不同的版本,皮革版本和漆皮版本,令鞋迷拥有更多的选择。