: 305050-101 : 2004
: 太空堡垒
: Hawk
: Hawk
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This pair is named as its designer Daniel Shimizu, a Nike team skateboarder from Japan. This colorway is inspired by Daniel Shimizu’s favorite Japanese cartoon Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Based on the custom, the shoes feature contrasting grey, black and white leather with a small part of yellow near the heel, and the tongue features skull and crossbones from the fighter in the cartoon. Most importantly, this pair were the first SB Dunk to be released in the famed black and pink box in 2004.

这双鞋是由耐克签约的日本板手Daniel Shimizu操刀设计的,命名自设计师的姓名。作为SB Dunk粉盒时代的第一双,这双鞋在2004年发售。鞋身的颜色来源于Daniel Shimizu最喜欢的日本动漫,超时空要塞(Macross)。黑白灰的配色来自于动画内的战斗机涂装,鞋后跟还有一小部分黄色点缀。这双鞋的亮点在于鞋舌上的骷髅头,这个标志来源于动漫中战斗机机翼上的图案