: 313170-010 : 2010
: 停车线
: Hawk
: 狗哥
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

This SB Dunk Low “Yellow Curb” is a mixture of many characteristics of some legendary SB Dunk Low and new elements. Elephant prints are used on the toe cap and the heel, and such special utilization of this pattern is unique. This print was first used by Jordan 3, and it was developed by SB Dunk Supreme which was published later. The vamp is made of leather, mesh fabric, and non-slip material. The Yellow curb inspiration sole and rubber outsole are eye-catching as well. The embroidery on the heel is inspired by Kinds Grocery--a local grocery store. Patrick Smith mixed part of a local store’s logo into this shoe. The yellow curbs are inspired by those curbs in Minnesota Skateboard field. The non-slip texture represents asphalt, and the crisp outline of the swoosh represents covered wax of the U skateboard pool. The midsole mimics worned yellow curb and is covered by wax.

首先这双SB Dunk Low “Yellow Curb” 汇集了一些传奇SB Dunk Low的特点并且融入了一些其他新的元素. 从熟悉的一侧来看, 人们可以看到大象条纹(爆裂纹)出现在了前包头, 鞋子的后部鞋腰处, 这种风格的应用绝对是独特的, 与此同时还有放大版本的条纹在鞋的中层. 这种大象条纹灵感来自于AJ 3 并且被后期发布的SB Dunk Supreme发扬光大了。整体的鞋面由明显的皮革, 网状织物,防滑材料组成。其他有趣的细节包括黄色Curb灵感鞋垫和橡胶外底。值得一提的是鞋跟部位刺绣的灵感是来自于超市Kinds Grocery, 设计师Patrick Smith把他当时滑板附近的超市标志的一部分融入到了这双球鞋里。后跟外侧黄色的停车标示的灵感是来自于美国明尼苏达州滑板场中的一系列的路况标示。球鞋的防滑条材料代表了沥青。Swoosh清晰的外围灵感来源于当地滑板U型池边上的一层蜡。最后球鞋中底是脱落油漆后的黄色停车标示并且上层有一层蜡。