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: 太子
: 太子
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In the summer of 2013, Nike started a brand new project called "Ignite Shanghai", and they published a series of products that have "Shen" as the main theme. This series includes basketball, running, skateboard, and other fields, and it was inspired by Shanghai local culture. This series has Air Jordan 5 and Lunar Force 1, and it collaborated with famous Chinese Artist Jianzhou Chen's "LoveLife Program". This program started in 2009, and it was established to care about children’s disease. This collaboration has two colors: Nike Hyperdunk 2013, and this Air Force 1.

The color of this AF1 uses typical red in the lining and heel, and the other part of the vamp uses white. The texture consists of a white colored texture. The logo of Lovelife is printed on the side of the toe cap--a squared “L”. The midsole is colored by black and inky red. “Shen” was printed on the sole to correspond to the theme of Nike. The backing paper of this AF1 is full of the logo of Lovelife and Shen project.

This AF1 was only available in China. The harmonious color matching and the special collerabted group endows this AF1 with deeper meaning.

2013年夏季,Nike开展了全新企划“Ignite Shanghai”,推出了一系列“申”元素的产品,涵盖了篮球、跑步、滑板等不同领域,其灵感来自于上海本地文化,以及运动元素。如Air Jordan 5Lunar Force 1等等。同时期Nike还与台湾著名艺人陈建州作为发起人之一的“LOVELIFE”慈善计划进行合作,此慈善计划发起于2009年,旨在关爱弱势患病儿童,为他们提供帮助。此次双方的合作共推出了两款别注版球鞋,一双为Nike Hyperdunk 2013,另一双就是此款Air Force 1。


此双鞋并没有进行海外地区发售,仅在中国地区发售。整体颇为和谐的配色设计加上合作对象的特殊性,也为这双Air Force 1赋予了一定的意义。