: 312945-111 : 2006
: 情人节
: 太子
: 太子
Introduction 黑色粗体字为超链接

Valentine’s Day is always one of Nike's favourite themes, and this festival is colored by white and red. This Air Force 1 is the 2006 edition, and its vamp which is colored by red and white is made of patent leather. The distribution of color patches is really similar to AF1 St.Patrick's Day. There are sweet heart patterns that stand for Valentine’s day on the tongue, heel, and sole. In 2006, Nike used patent leather on plenty of AF1. The linings of most of these AF 1 are made of fabric, and these linings are different. However, the lining of this pair is made of soft leather texture. The sole uses red semi-transparent material. Due to the aesthetic appealing design, the 2006 edition of Air Force 1 “Valentine’s day” became a classic type.

“情人节”一直以来也是Nike设计球鞋配色的灵感之一,其大部分的主色调为白与红。此双为2006年的版本,鞋面整体采用漆皮材质,搭配着经典的白红配色,在色块分布上,与“圣帕特里克节”配色十分相似。在鞋舌,鞋后跟以及鞋垫分别有代表情人节的爱心标志,呼应主题。而内衬部分,在2006年漆皮材质的Air Force 1“爆炸”的年份,多数配色的内衬材料均为织物材质,当然具体内衬的设计也会各有不同。而这双采用了柔软的皮质材料,提升了这双鞋的质感。鞋底也采用了红色的半透明水晶底。也正因为其具有美感的设计,使得2006年的“情人节”成为Air Force 1众多配色中的经典配色。